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Life's a gift.

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Ah, yes. This is the part where we are encouraged to indulge our latent narcissism and tell others all about ourselves. I wonder about the impact on the psyche of individuals of being raised in a culture that leads them to believe the world wants to know the minutiae of their lives.

I thought about leaving this portion of my profile blank in protest, but the void is too nihilistic for my taste. At the very least, it makes me seem boring as hell — which may be true but it’s not something I’d want to advertise.

Okay, then. I’ll start my foray into social networking conformity by giving my username. I'm tridget. I took my online name from Ring Lardner's play "The Tridget of Greva." His play riffs on language and etymology. It amused me to write under a name associated with the nonsensical use of words. When I chose the name, I thought it was quite witty. Later, I discovered that there was a porn star with the same name. Googling “tridget” is more likely to yield returns about the diminutive performer than about anything I’ve ever posted. So much for wit.

My online interests are "Stargate Atlantis", reading and writing fanfiction, and doodling with digital fanart. In real life, I have a much broader range of interests, or like to convince myself that I do. I use my online journals mainly to connect with others in fandom. The fans are an amazing group of people and I treasure the friendships I have made.

My greatest joy in life comes from raising my kids.